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Dr. Fred Wicks

Dr. Fred, as he is popularly called by clients, hails originally from Ontario, Canada where he was raised with his two brothers and younger sister.  He enjoyed a great childhood filled with lots of music, numerous sports activities, many wonderful family traditions, religious training, and a rich heritage provided by a large extended family. 

After completing grade thirteen in high school (you read it right … grade thirteen), he left Canada and attended college and universities in the United States -- obtaining two bachelors degrees, a masters degree, and a doctorate. 

As the years progressed and after a year living in Den Haag, Netherlands, he settled in Pennsylvania, married, had two terrific daughters who later birthed seven wonderful grandchildren, and acquired a menagerie of many much-loved family pets.

Professionally, he started out working for the International Schools in The Netherlands, and had a great time touring Western Europe.  Upon returning to America, he became the Admissions Director and a staff psychologist for a leading private school for children experiencing learning difficulties and emotional challenges.  Over the years since then, he has held numerous positions in clinical and educational settings, acquired extensive additional training, and considerably enlarged upon the types of professional services he is able to offer.  At present, he is in private practice as a therapist, career counselor, and corporate consultant.

Outside of his profession, Dr. Fred has had the extraordinary privilege to lead work teams to many countries of the world to build schools, churches, houses, and clinics.  In addition to being a service to others, these opportunities have allowed him to see and experience how people from different social, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds see life.

Currently, he is the owner/director of the Alliance Center for Change (, a program near Philadelphia, PA, that offers evaluation and counseling for children, adults, couples, and families; career management assistance for individuals; and corporate consulting.  Highlights of his career include:

            •  Recognized psychologist with extensive experience in clinical, educational,
               business, and religious settings

            •  Pennsylvania licensed and school certified psychologist

            •  Skilled diagnostician who evaluates children and adults for many purposes

            •  Sought after counselor for children, couples, and families  

            •  Acclaimed author of insightful books and feature articles

            •  Featured seminar leader with both professional and lay audiences

            •  Effective trainer to mental health counselors and paraprofessional groups

            •  Part-time adjunct faculty member in the graduate division of a local university

            •  Accomplished career management specialist offering transition counseling and 
               executive coaching

            •  Organizational consultant to corporations, churches, and other organizations